What is Candle Warmer?

What is Candle Warmer?

- an electric warmer that melts a fragrance candle to release its scent.
- it does not use fire, it is safer, does not create soot
- it can be used as an interior gadget. Pluto Candle Warmers
- all Pluto Candle Warmers are made in Korea
- all Pluto Candle Warmers have controller to control the heat
- marble and wooden base available



Candle Warmer vs Burning Candle 

Candle Warmer Traditional Candle

of Heat)

Light Bulb. It can be
left unattended. SAFE!
Fire. It cannot be left
unattended. UNSAFE!


Control Switch. SAFE.
Heat level can be controlled

Match or Ligher. UNSAFE.
Heat level cannot be controlled


Since nothing is burning,
no harmful chemicals emited.
No affect on Oxygen levels.
Produces harmful chemicals.
Generates Carbon Monoxide.
Decreases Oxygen levels.
Causes headaches.
No Soot created. Looks 
clean until end of candle.
Creates Soot. Accumulated soot
looks unpleasant.
Purpose Cool interior design. Lighting. Becomes ugly very quick.